Molecular phylogenetic biodiversity assessment of tropical African ectomycorrhizal fungi, with an emphasis on Russulaceae

The ectomycorrhizal Russulaceae family (Basidiomycota) comprises four non-corticioid genera, amongst which the milkcap genera Lactarius and Lactifluus. Lactifluus is mainly represented in the tropics and characterized by a high genetic variability and a conserved morphology, which is supported by the occurrence of cryptic species complexes and species with isolated phylogenetic positions. Lactarius has a more temperate distribution and is characterized by a relatively low genetic diversity and large morphological variation.

In this project we hypothesize that (i) Lactarius is a genus with relatively low interspecific genetic diversity, while the genetic diversity in Lactifluus is large and the genus is probably not monophyletic; (ii) Russulales are warm adapted ectomycorrhizal fungi with an African origin, which later diversified to Southeast Asia and the Northern hemisphere; and (iii) part of the Russulaceae ectomycorrhizal diversity remains hidden underground and that the environment and the microclimate select what fructifies.

This PhD-project aims to test those hypotheses, by (i) constructing a robust phylogeny of Lactifluus, to get a clear view on its phylogenetic status and unravel the relationships within the genus; (ii) reconstructing its biogeographical history; and (iii) revealing the hidden diversity of Russulaceae species and other ectomycorrhizal fungi using ectomycorrhizal root tip samples and metagenomics.


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